Social Media

Custom daily organic content and managed paid social media ads on selected social media channels.

Organic Posts

Organic posts will show up on the social media feeds of people that already follow you.

Paid Social Media Ads

Paid social media ads/content is shared with targeting and spend behind it to help you gain a larger audience.

Social Media Organic Posts

Our team will develop original social media content following brand guidelines, including custom design, unique copy-written text, and innovative posting styles. Rest assured, no content will be posted without your approval. We are dedicated to ensuring that you love every post on your brand’s channels.

We will post industry related content, interact and engage with your followers, and provide highly targeted ads to generate more quality leads, resulting in more conversions for your business.

These posts will be made to your social media channels on a daily basis (depending on your plan) and will include articles, high-quality images, interactive videos and great written content.

Social Media – Managed Paid Social Media Advertising

Our team will identify a diverse set of unique targeting to reach your target audience through digital marketing based on browsing behavior, interests, behaviors and demographics. By creating multiple ads and target audiences we are able to see which ad set is converting best and amplify that particular ad and optimize other ad sets.

A social media advertising specialist will work exclusively on your business’s social media advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik tok, LinkedIn and other social media channels. This individual will be working closely with your team by setting up weekly calls to go over strategy and execution for different social media advertising campaigns across all your social media channels.

Depending on the desired result, whether it is to drive engagement, generating quality leads, or seeing an uptick in sales, our team will create highly targeted ads to achieve the desired results.

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